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For more than 60 years, the Keesbo salting industry has been offering its saucissons, whips (typical Spanish charcuterie) or cured hams for your tastings as an aperitif, on a tasting board or in cooked dishes. The assortments or charcuterie boxes will allow you to discover excellent charcuterie at an excellent price!

A real treat for the taste buds, our traditional, Spanish or Catalan charcuterie products, with artisanal know-how, are waiting for you! To treat yourself with loved ones, you need choice products with authentic flavors. This is exactly what we offer you. Charcuterie specialists, we offer a selection of the best Spanish charcuterie products. We therefore invite you to browse our catalog to discover our tastiest specialties.

Traditional charcuterie

Leader in the sale of charcuterie online, we provide you with a catalog of products rich in taste and in which you will find a selection of first choice charcuterie at an unbeatable price. . Indeed, the prices of the products that we offer are those charged by the producer. So you won't find better value for money on the market!

In order to guarantee you superior quality Spanish charcuterie, we source our products from the Keesbo salting industry. Manufacturer of Catalan cured meats for more than 60 years, it provides you with products designed in strict compliance with local craftsmanship and the hygienic standards in force on the European continent.

We offer several ranges of charcuterie products:


How can we talk about charcuterie without mentioning saucisson, this dry charcuterie made mainly from pork, stuffed in a natural casing, covered with a delicate mushroom flower. There are several varieties of iconic dry sausages such as dry sausage with hazelnuts, smoked sausage, sausages with game meat such as wild boar or deer (from local hunting). Pork sausage is the flagship product for aperitifs or tasting with friends.


Fuet is the equivalent of dry sausage in Spain, a real dry sausage, elongated in shape, weighing less than dry sausage, also called Fouets. Fuets come in several types such as Catalan fuet, fuet with olives, fuet with mushrooms (ceps) and many more Again. Find our fuets on sale in the fuets category.

Sliced ​​meats

No matter how you slice your charcuterie, like a sausage guillotine, or a household slicer, you'll appreciate the fine cut of products like dried pork tenderloin, with a subtle, slightly salty taste, or ham nuts (also called dry baïona), a delicate thin or thick slice (depending on taste) will be enough to enhance your next aperitif board!

Iberian charcuterie

A must-have gastronomy, Spanish Iberian charcuterie evokes in itself the sun and the holidays with products such as chorizo, < strong>lomo, lomo duroc, the longanisse, or soubressade again. The pure pork meats making up this range of charcuterie faithfully reproduce the taste and aromas of artisanal charcuterie from Spanish Catalonia.

Dried ham

Pork hams, on the bone or boneless, are among the charcuterie products, the favorites of pork lovers. There are several names among these cured hams, including Iberian hams, Serrano ham, Pata Negra, Bellota. So many famous names of Iberian cured hams that make your mouth water. To put on your ham rack (on the bone) or to buy in half or quarter ham (also available in the shoulder version, with a lighter weight), they can be eaten with pleasure, without any accompaniment, for the pleasure of taste buds.

Charcuterie without pork

You can also taste products from the charcuterie without pork range made from poultry, turkey, mutton, duck or beef. A touch of originality in the middle of traditional charcuterie. So, if for one reason or another, you don't want to eat pork-based cold cuts, you will be won over by our fuets (dry sausage) made from poultry, turkey and duck or our turkey-based sausages. Like the traditional range, the pork-free range is appreciated for its exquisite taste and originality. This range is not Halal certified, but still 100% pork-free.


Our cured meats keep very well over time, but will continue to ripen if you don't take a few precautions, such as not exposing sausages or dry sausages to high heat. It is better to place cold cuts in a cool place, in a dry cloth.

Charcuterie know-how

With our expertise of more than 60 years in the manufacture of meat products, the Keesbo salting industry works in accordance with local recipes and ensures impeccable monitoring and traceability of meat. Being a specialist, we have chosen to limit the quantity of products offered and we will not, however, offer you terrines, blood sausages, andouilles and andouillettes, rillettes or other mortadella, so many excellent cold cuts that we can only advise you better than to get closer to your nearest butcher/charcutier.

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Net weight: 150 g
Unit price370
Duck breast

Duck breast

Net weight: 350 g
Unit price1890
Fuet Catalan

Fuet Catalan

Net weight: 130 g
Unit price390
Ham nuts

Ham nuts

Net weight: 450 g
Unit price15
Hazelnut sausage

Hazelnut sausage

Net weight: 180 g
Unit price450
Longanissa - Dried spanish sausage
Unit price899830
Pork tenderloin sausage

Pork tenderloin sausage

Net weight: 130 g
Unit price410380
Sliced Serrano ham

Sliced Serrano ham

Net weight: 100 g
Unit price599
Spicy sobrasada

Spicy sobrasada

Net weight: 250 g
Unit price620

Browse through our wide range of products and discover unique and delicious flavors. You can buy deli meats online at the best price to enjoy top quality products. Order now and taste our charcuterie with an authentic taste!

🎄 Christmas charcuterie box

Discover our box ready to offer for the end of year celebrations: Christmas charcuterie box. To make it easier for you to prepare your gifts and for a touch of originality, opt for the charcuterie box as a gift (and not just for dads). Also offer this assortment to your customers or employees of your company (contact us for preferential rates)

📣 Let's talk charcuterie & pork

We answer all (or almost) your questions about charcuterie, from sausages to fuets, including dried hams, or more generally about the world of charcuterie: About charcuterie. Because knowing why buy artisan charcuterie? why is a sausage white? What kinds of cured meats can you find in Europe? or the 10 things to know about Chorizo? So many existential questions, that you ask yourself during your aperitifs with friends, and where answers you! And if you have a question about dry charcuterie, don't hesitate to ask us!

🤝 Charcuterie for PROs

All our charcuterie is available for professionals, but also for associations or works councils, who wish to benefit from wholesale prices by buying in quantity. At, we have prepared dedicated discounts for each type of profession in order to adapt to your dry cold cuts needs. Find our charcuterie wholesaler


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Being the first on the internet is not easy! And when we talk about charcuterie even more, because we don't laugh with the aperitif! Our charcuterie is renowned and recognized by lovers of products made with care, respecting local know-how. Our service, at, is to offer you quality charcuterie, among the cheapest on the market, without compromising on quality, our wish is to see you very often order your charcuterie line dryer, like our many loyal customers (95% satisfied customers)

Buying your charcuterie online will never be easier!

Our delicatessen boxes

Take advantage of our personalized charcuterie box offer

Are you planning to organize an aperitif in the next few days? We offer special boxes to enhance your evening and delight your guests. If you are not interested with this formula, you can put together your own charcuterie packs by choosing products from each range. Our cold meats are perfect for an aperitif, but can also be cooked or enhance your starters thanks to their intense and powerful taste.

Whatever your preferences and budget, you can put together a box containing choice meats. In addition, know that you can receive your order urgently at; condition to pass it before 11am. We also invite you to; subscribe to; our newsletter to keep up to date with all our news and good deals.

Mini Box Aperitif3 product(s)-13%

Mini box aperitif: 3 Sausages for 10€

The minimum to survive an aperitif! To always have on hand to make a small slice and invite friends!

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Charcuterie Pack: The essential5 product(s)-19%

Pack of 5 sausages at a low price

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